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Daniele Lozito

My name is Daniele Lozito, I was born in Milan on April 23rd, 1981 from Puglian parents.
I was only six years old when my family decided to return to Puglia.
Puglia is, therefore, the place where I grew up: the farm of my grandparents, in the suburbs of Bari, gave me the opportunity to live in contact with the animals and to know the oldest flavors handed down from generation to generation. During my teenage years, I became highly interested to work in tourism.
The desire to travel and learn has led me far from my land for over 17 years. With much effort and dedication I have achieved the qualification of manager within luxury accommodation facilities throughout the world.
Despite the prestige achieved, I had to deal with the desire to return to my homeland. Therefore I decided to set a new goal in life, which combines my passion for tourism with the passion for the bicycle, developed since I was a little kid.
The passion for cycling has pushed me, in fact, to deepen the fundamentals of biomechanics. In 2013 I obtained the qualification of Biomechanics applied to cycling. I returned to Puglia and decided to start a business using business knowledge acquired in Canada, Germany and Switzerland, and by combining my passion for cycling with that for Puglia.

Our Mission…. Discover The Puglia!


“Apulia on bike” proposes a discovery of the suggestive Puglian landscapes of the Valle d’Itria and the Murgia, offering bicycle lovers the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments in contact with the most uncontaminated nature. Our tours are about 50 kilometers each, offering a journey through the enchanting historical-landscape views of Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Putignano, Alberobello and the “Valley of the Trulli”.Cycling along the typical small streets of Puglia you will discover the architectural beauties that characterize our land as well as breathtaking landscapes. Moroever you can enjoy moments of absolute relaxation. The region that we invite you to discover offers a varied landscape that alternates relaxing flat paths to the most characteristic ups and downs decorated with expanses of centuries-old olive trees. The mild climate allows you to visit and appreciate the beauties of Puglia even in autumn and winter. You will be able to perceive the typical flavors and aromas of the sea and hills throughout the whole year! “Apulia on bike” offers itineraries for every lover of nature and cycling, combining the needs of young folksas well as adults and by making our tours available also to less experienced cyclers through the support of electric bicycles. The bicycle tours offer a healthy and relaxing physical activity, with a good attention to every little detail to ensure the full well-being of cyclists. The discovery of the most hidden corners of Puglia is guaranteed by the presence of a deep connoisseur of the territory that takes care – along the way – to illustrate the historical, cultural and enogastronomic roots of the Valle d’Itria.

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